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Hard Money Loans

As a hard money lender we understand that not everyone needing financing for real estate has perfect credit and financial situations. Our hard money loans are designed to be flexible so that we can help people who have been declined by the bank or do not meet the lending requirements of the institutional lenders, or just want a loan and does not want to go through the frustration of dealing with a bank. Hard money loans have a reputation of being high interest rate loans with high fees. Fortunately this is not the case! The loans we offer do not have cookie cutter requirements, each loan package is assessed individually and terms are based on the merits of the collateral, borrower qualifications and circumstance and other factors. Oftentimes the terms we offer are comparable* to those offered by the traditional lending institutions.

Construction Loans

We offer residential construction loans and commercial construction loans for owner-occupied, spec builders, and investors (fix & flip and fix & hold loans. We offer hard money construction financing but also have construction loans that have competitive terms as offered by banks,  some of out flexible loan terms include:

  • loan term of one year with extensions allowed
  • qualify with income and/or assets
  • no minimum credit score (foreign investors OK)
  • no minimum or maximum loan amount
  • our low interest only rate starts from 5%*

Jumbo Loans

We offer jumbo and super jumbo home mortgages. With loan amounts over $417,000 – these products offer borrowers the ability to finance high value real estate that require a jumbo loan. We also offer jumbo hard money loans for borrowers that have an adverse event such as a bankruptcy or other such situation.

  • down-payments as low as 5%*
  • stated income options
  • jumbo bridge loans
  • flexible qualification requirements
  • our jumbo mortgage rates start from 2.99%*

Stated Income Loans

We offer stated income loans for self-employed borrowers looking for a real estate loan to purchase a property or to refinance an existing mortgage. Hard money mortgages for self employed include a variety of options such as stated income ( also known as no income verification loans) and bank statement loans (income qualification with deposits on bank statements).

  • stated income mortgage loans
  • income verification using bank statements
  • no income verification
  • asset based lending
  • stated income loans for investment properties
  • Loan rates start from 3.25%*

Hard Money Loans

Hard money lenders offer hard money loans! Our hard money loans offer flexibility in qualification and fast approval and funding. We can fund loans in a matter of days*. Here are some examples of our flexible qualification requirements.

  • one day after bankruptcy discharge, foreclosure, short sale and deed in lieu
  • at least 2 years after bankruptcy discharge, foreclosure, short sale and deed in lieu
  • no minimum credit score options
  • fast approval & funding
  • Loan rates start from 5.99%*

Commercial Loans

Hard money lender offer financing options for commercial property, investment property including apartment buildings, multi-use and industrial buildings, retail, medical building and shopping centers. Our flexible loan requirements include:

  • stated income (no P&Ls, Balance Sheets or Tax Returns)
  • asset-based financing
  • bridge loans
  • low down-payment requirement
  • fast approval and funding
  • interest rates start from low 6%*

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What We Do…..

We are hard money lenders in California, our long standing relationship with many direct lenders, including banks allow us the benefit of getting our clients the best loan terms for our clients. Oftentimes, our lenders compete for the loan allowing us to negotiate amazing terms for our clients.

In addition to getting the best terms available, we can help clients who have been turned down by other lenders. Our lenders assess each lending file on its merits – no cookie cutter requirements here!

As a hard money lender, we specialize in helping clients with credit issues, have difficulty proving their income or have other factors that have resulted in being declined by the more traditional lenders for residential or commercial property financing.

On average our hard money loan process takes about 10 days from approval to funding of loans. If situation warrants we may even be able to expedite the process. As a hard money lender we are able to help with financing for people with low (“bad”) credit scores and/or other adverse situations.



 Recent Testimonials

I was looking to refinance the commercial loan on my investment property, but was not having any luck as my tax returns did not show good numbers. Loan People USA was able to get me a loan with stated income - I did not know those loans were still available!
By Ted, Commercial Loan
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